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Ludlows was founded in 1954 by Don Ludlow.  Born in 1919, Don grew up in the Bernardsville area.  In 1943, Don was drafted into the Army and with only a high school diploma and no specific skills, he was determined to learn a trade that would support his family after the war was over.  He volunteered to learn refrigeration.  He went on to service the refrigeration equipment on bases and also refrigerated trucks.  After the war, Don held several jobs in the refrigeration field trying to take the better paying ones to best support his family, then in 1954, Don started Ludlow Refrigeration Co. with his wife answering the phone and one part time mechanic.  In 1957, Don opened a retail appliance store and music center at 25 Claremont Rd. to provide year round income to his seasonal refrigeration and air conditioning business. 

 In 1964, Don opened a larger retail center at 167 Morristown Rd. (Rt. 202)(pictured left).  Retail sales included both major and small name brand appliances, records and stereo equipment.  Installations and service of major appliances, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning continued.

In 1978, the appliance store at 167 Morristown Rd. closed and Ludlows relocated to its present location at 71 Claremont Rd. and began taking heating sales and service as well as air conditioning and refrigeration and became a Chrysler Airtemp dealer.